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Sarah M Pachkowsky
Partnership Relations Executive
“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

Sarah M Pachkowsky is the Partnership Relations Executive on the MBA Games Organizing Committee. She is completing her degree in Business & Marketing Studies. Sarah’s current educational background is in Leadership and Event Management. Currently, Sarah is the Volunteer and Engagement Manager for Habitat for Humanity. Previously, she was the Manager of Community Engagement for the Cedar Opportunities Co-operative (Coco Café). This position incorporated marketing, business development, sponsorship, event management, and volunteer recruitment.   Sarah is a multi-tasker as she contracts event work with organizations and businesses such as the Young Professionals of Nanaimo, Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society, Nanaimo Child Development Centre, and Nanaimo Association for Community Living and Cottonwood Golf Course. All these contracts are focused on business development, engagement, events and marketing.